(Report) The 1st JJ – EBM OPCAB Workshop in Vietnam (Nov. 17, 2019)

“The 1st JJ – EBM OPCAB Workshop” was held for the first time in Vietnam with great success.


This workshop was held in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. (Japan and Vietnam). We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the participants and the people who cooperated.


  • Date: 11:30 – 14:00 Nov. 17 2019
  • Venue: Hotel Nikko Saigon
  • Attendees: 22 surgeons (senior consultants, junior consultants, and residents)


  • Faculties:
    Dr. Kohei Abe St. Luke’s Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
    Dr. Hiroyuki Nishi Osaka General Medical Center, Osaka, Japan
    Dr. Kunihiko Yoshino St. Luke’s Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


  • Special thanks:
    Mr. Mamoru Takase, Johnson and Johnson
    Ms. Julie Angela Aguilar, Johnson and Johnson
    OTA city, Japan






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  • Product Name: BEAT-Fukushima
    • Product Code: BEAT-F1
    • Description: Portable beating heart simulator. 60 bpm, high and low beating amplitudes. A mobile electric power pack can be used as a power source.


  • Product Name: YOUCAN Standard
    • Product Code: YOUCAN-SD
    • Description: Set of LAD and LIMA models. LAD model is durable. LIMA model is designed as fragile tissue. Standard and popular models in Japan. Although there are some differences compared with the real clinical cases, they are suitable for training.


  • Product Name: MICS ITA X1 (prototype but commercially available)


  • Product Name: ITA Pad Pro X1 (prototype but commercially available)


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