EBM World Hands-on Series: OPCAB, LIMA HARVEST, MICS MVR (Feb. 2020, IACTS 2020, INDIA)

EBM will provide OPCAB, LIMA HARVEST, and MICS MVR Hands-on under collaboration with IACTS 2020, India.


Please visit the conference website for more details.


Course Overview:

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for younger surgeons to try and practice the most essential skills required to succeed in today’s scenarios. OPCAB is the most commonly performed cardiac surgery and this workshop assists to master the skill set for the same. First time in India, there will also be a simulator to operate an MICS MVR. Practicing a minimally invasive surgery will appraise a surgeon about the real-life challenges and maneuvers needed to overcome them.


Course Objective:

This workshop is designed to aid younger surgeons to make themselves ready to assess his skills that are most required in today’s practice. It will also allow them to practice and master a few advanced skill sets so as to infuse a sense of confidence and readiness.

The anastomoses and the Lima are assessed and graded after the workshop. This will make it very scientific and easy for the attendees to understand where the improvement or modification of technique is required so as to avoid a real-life complication.


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